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Who's in your Tribe?

Photo Friendship Bracelets
For You & Your Crew

Illustration of Photo Source Select using App

Added Photo Sources

No more having to worry about posting images to Instagram or Facebook to use in your designs.

You can now use your Camera Roll, Instagram, Facebook, or choose images from the any of the updated public albums!

Made with Love

As always, every order is handmade with care by our team. Details make a difference, so beyond working to make sure every order is perfect we also try to source all of our materials locally.

We use nickel-free brass eyelets for our allergy-prone friends and a canvas woven right here in the United States.

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Simplified Design

Click and hold any image you would like to use from your selected gallery and drag it to the desired position on your design.

Rearrange elements in your design by clicking the image you want to move and dragging it to a new position.

Known Issues (currently being fixed)
*Issue with the Save function. Seems to only be affecting users who've signed in with the internal system. Using Instagram as a log in seems to fix it.
* Facebook permissions are still a bit wonky so we removed Facebook as a photo source for the moment.
* After saving designs the app redirects back to the image source / design page. To see your saved designs you have to click the Menu button on the top left and then click Checkout.
* The Order Status page isn't populating with accurate order information.
* Issue during the checkout process entering city / zip information - update pushed / pending

String Tied:
Wearshare bracelets are string tied, like a classic friendship bracelet.
Each package comes with 4 colored strings, chosen from the best color options available this season, so you and your friends will have multiple options for interesting combinations.

$7 per order, two identical bracelets.
Shipping costs are added to your total during checkout and are detailed below.

Shipping in the United States:
Domestic shipping costs $1 per order. We average 2 weeks for delivery, but delivery times vary.

International Shipping:
International shipping costs $4 per every 3 orders placed. Orders arrive in your country about 15 days after being placed with us, and are then in the hands of your local post office.

Wear and Tear:
Our bracelets wear down over time, slowly fraying from the outer edges and softening until they eventually fall off after being worn for about two months.

When they finally do fall off don't forget to make a wish!✨

Other Questions?
If you would like more information feel free to check out our FAQ section.