Photo Friendship Bracelets

Designed by you, made by us, and shared with someone you love!

Every order came with two identical bracelets

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We're Currently Offline

Eric and Kavan have both moved onto new projects and Wearshare has been taken offline. It was a daily pleasure for both of us, seeing all of your amazing designs, reading your comments, chatting about life on Kik and hearing the stories you shared with us of friendships near and far brought closer through this little photo strip birthed in the Portland rain. Thank you. From the deepest heart of our hearts, thank you.
- Team Wearshare

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Made with Love

Every order was handmade with care by our team. Details make a difference, so beyond working to make sure every order was perfect we also tried to source all of our materials as locally as possible.

We used nickel-free brass eyelets for our allergy-prone friends and a canvas woven right here in the United States.

String Tied:
Wearshare bracelets are string tied, like a classic friendship bracelet.
Each package came with 5 handpicked colored strings choosen from the best seasonal options, so you and your friend would have multiple ways to mix and match.

Wear and Tear:
Our bracelets wear down over time, slowly fraying from the outer edges and softening until they eventually fall off after being worn for about two months.

After your bracelet falls off don't forget to make a wish and be grateful for the moments you enjoyed wearing it!✨

Other Questions?
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