Wearshare FAQ

This is an expanded list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you want to find out more, or have a specific question that isn't answered below, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail.

  1. Shipping in the USA
  2. International Orders
  3. Wear and Tear


Orders in the United States:
Domestic shipping costs $1 per order.
We send orders as first class letters and average 2 weeks for delivery, but delivery times vary.

We custom make every order and sometimes will pull an order to be remade if it's not perfect enough the first time around. This can sometimes cause delays beyond the 2 week average. E-mail us for rushed shipping options.

Orders of multiple bracelets (USA):
In order to help with production and delivery times we try to mail completed pairs as soon as they’re made, rather than batching them with the pairs that they were ordered with. This can cause bracelets to arrive in a staggered fashion, one after the other sometimes a few days apart.

We are sorry for any confusion this causes. We do it to get your bracelets to you as fast as possible.

International Orders:
International shipping costs $4 per every 3 orders placed.
Wearshare delivers internationally through the UPS. Orders arrive in your country about 15 days after being placed with us, and are then in the hands of your local post office. Depending on your country this last leg of the journey can take anywhere from 2 days to over a month. You have a better idea of the speed of your postal system than we do so just add standard mail times to 15 days to get a good idea of the time it will take.

Wear and Tear

Bracelet Lifespan:
Wearshare bracelets are made of canvas, so like a pair of jeans they wear down, slowly fraying from the outer edges and softening until the string tie snaps or they eventually fall off :: after being worn nonstop for about two+ months.

We add a protective, water-resistant coating so the they can be worn in and out of baths, the rain, pools or oceans without fading.

All that said, we didn't want to create a product that would live in a landfill for 1000 years so we stayed away from silicone and plastics.

After your bracelet falls off don't forget to make a wish and be grateful for the moments you enjoyed wearing it!✨

Other Questions?
Send us an e-mail. We'd love to hear from you.